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Traditional kitchens

Traditional Kitchen inspiration

There will always be a part of the British kitchen market that will choose a Traditional style, rather than a modern one. It has nothing to do with the aesthetic merits of the idea, but has more to do with being a safer risk for a maturer age group, and also, finding what will work in a (usually) very much older dwelling. It’s more about perception than content. What will work, and can we live with it?

If one has bought an older property, feeling that the kitchen must suit the original layout and feel of the house when it was new, and be faithful to the thoughts of the Architect who designed it. A Traditional kitchen just seems right for a house that has lots of oak beams on display, and maybe an old wooden or parquet floor. It’s about authenticity to the original, which can present itself as the safer alternative to a modernist option.

And what effect does the Aga Oven have to play in all this activity? Their appeal does not seem to diminish, and they bring with themselves a sense of continuity from the past. A perfect setting to plant a Traditional kitchen design so that there is a harmony of design thoughout the room. Clients may feel that they want an “In-Frame” style this time, to refer back to the time when the old kitchen had been handmade by the local carpenter, using the traditional materials of the time.

Eventually, the minimalist majority will start looking back to traditional as the bold new statement in a sea of blandness, (minimalism), and the wheel will return us to a more craftsman made, every door is different, relying on the beauty of wood to present its charms to us once more.

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