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In the history of Interior design, there are general sweeps of movement, that embrace the idea of Simplicity and Complexity and move between them regularly, as history reveals. Can you remember what a typical Victorian mantlepiece looked like with an enormous collection of clocks, pictures, inspirational texts, plants etc etc.

The minimalist school of understated simplicity, which was introduced from the continent over the last thirty years has had it’s effect on our own Industry, and there are now many choices between a plain simple flat kitchen door, and a half way house door which has been rightly described as Shaker.




This Shaker door is defined as a square frame, with a flat centre panel, and no further mouldings (carvings), set into the shape. This idea came from the early American Christian movement that lived their lives with simplicity and without pretensions, and has been accepted in the UK marketplace with great enthusiasm. A simple plain and flat door is a little austere for many older people, but of greater interest to the young. There are, of course, individual exceptions to this trend.

Many Shaker doors are now requested in paint, and so, the ability to offer any colour and shade of paint becomes a desirable requisite for those offering handmade bespoke kitchen furniture.

The movement from a wooden door to a painted, is part of this minimalist drift, as a woodgrain presentation is presenting uniqueness in every door, and complexity from every tree.

Shaker thinking is now moving throughout the whole design world, and affecting many things from cars to furniture, and from food to technology. There is a purity about it that more complex forms are not able to achieve, and this can lead to a sense of peace and harmony, a kind of balance to a challenging world.


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