Dream kitchen

Bespoke kitchen design details



I wonder if, like me, you have thought through, all the many options that you would love to have in your Dream Kitchen? The press and media provide a barrage of images and promptings designed to tempt the process along, and in the hope of discovering the small design issues that will kick-start the project.

It is now, thirty years ago, when we entered the Kitchen Industry. The separate component parts available from which to build the kitchen, were so very limited compared to the vast array of options now presenting themselves. It really is an Aladdin’s cave of opportunity, where pretty much any dream is possible, subject to the limitations of the imagination and the budget.

The choice is so large, that for some people it is a project too overwhelming to feel confident about, and that is where the skill of the Designer comes into it’s own.




The challenge is, not to give the Client what you would prefer yourself, (a very difficult thing to achieve), but to draw out of the Client what it is that suits them. And this takes time. We have known it to take up to two years before the fears in decision-making are conquered by the confidence to believe that everything will be fine. To be fair, most people take about one to three months.

At this stage of the process, the exercise of patience becomes a huge part of the journey, because any desire to speed up the journey will only end in disaster. We process ideas at a certain pace, which cannot be adjusted to any other person’s convenience. And so, we walk together to achieve the dream.




A major influence on the current ideas of the “wow” kitchen, has become the level of technology available. What started with a pot over the open fire has now developed into a mass of technology, offering a degree of heat and time controls, and the ability to provide an excellent plate of food from virtually any nation and it’s specialised mix of ingredients.

There has always been a Hob and Oven, but to these we can now add Microwave, Steamer, Warming Drawer, Coffee Machine, Wine Cooler, Hidden Extractor, and the list goes on. The purpose of the appliances is to offer a tighter degree of control to the cooking process, as so many households now have two wage earners, and they no longer have the time to labour over the preparation of the meals.


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