Bespoke kitchen design

Bespoke kitchen design details



This bespoke kitchen design in Bath is a brand new room, created from the shell of an old basement under a Victorian terrace house in Bath’s Poets’ Corner. It was dark, unused and unloved, and the brief involved opening up the room to the garden, and letting the sunshine come flooding in.

Kitchens are now incorporating the garden into their story, and the latest forms of concertina doors can remove an entire wall. It gives we Brits the chance to sample the Mediterranean lifestyle, literally opening up the kitchen to the outside on those precious days that the sun does shine.

To make the most of the light the kitchen had to be white, and every detail was carefully discussed through, in great detail many revisions. There has been a strong leaning towards clean and pure colours, pioneered mainly by the Continental movement. This is summed up by clean and simple uncluttered lines, many cupboards without visible handles, but brimming with technology behind the doors.


Bespoke Country kitchen design




The Bath Kitchen Company designed a host of special, tailor-made features to achieve a modern look, including freestanding under-lit shelves, a place to feature some colour and some decorative china or flowers. For the client interested in cooking, this would be the place to show off copper bottomed saucepans, or a selection of bottles of virgin oils from Tuscany.

We chose Corian as the surface for the worktops. This is a designer’s dream, because you can do anything with the material, and the corners show no joints, it just flows freely around the room. If space is ever at a premium, we offer covers that sit over the sink, and turn the wet area into a food preparation section. They are not fitted down, and can be lifted out with ease. The shaping of the grooves holds them in place.

Extractors used to be purely functional, but now they have become an art object in their own right. They make a big bold theatrical statement set against the minimalism of the rest of the kitchen. This type of detail used to be only visible in adverts for the most expensive kitchens, but things have come a long way in the nearly 30 years we have been in the industry. Not only is it extremely efficient at whisking away anything from the whiff of smoked haddock to burnt toast, it looks good while it’s doing it.

Our client was over the moon her tailored kitchen, and sent us a lovely letter: “It is already a special part of the house, and we never want to leave it. Every time I walk downstairs, I think to myself, ‘I love this kitchen’.” Work doesn’t have to be a drudge, does it?


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