Lavish Kitchen Extension


Lavish Bespoke Kitchen View with Granite Surfaces and Stone Floor

Lavish Kitchen Extension

In this huge understated yet quietly sophisticated kitchen we considered each element of the design like a separate piece of furniture. The key was how to create this long, highly practical work area without visual monotony. The peninsula was one important feature – and perfectly positioned to sip wine and stare at the view. We also brought out the central cooking area, broke the wall units up and gave them a little more depth. The result is a relaxed space that doesn’t feel too precise.


The integrated fridge-freezer has a symmetrical wine cooler so beverages can be accessed while seated. A traditional dresser provides an open book area for easy access to favourite recipes.



The light granite worktop, limestone floor and American light oak units all complement each other beautifully, creating an overall classic feel that’s modernised with chrome handles and frosted glass features.



The dresser has a special unit for the hi-fi and we hand-made a free-standing piece of furniture for the larder.

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Lavish Bespoke Kitchen with highest Quality Finish
Bespoke lavish kitchen cupboard details
Bespoke lavish kitchen detail
Bespoke lavish kitchen detail
Stately kitchen - Grandeur by the bucketload
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