Classic Country Kitchen


Classic Bespoke Kitchen with Blue Range, Stone Floor and Cream Cupboards

Classic Country Kitchen

Having lived with an impractical kitchen for 20 years, the owners wanted to create their dream space: An island to centralise their cooking, amenities for entertaining and relaxing, and views of the gorgeous garden. After much planning, we blocked up the door to create a window, leaving space for an en suite orangery where people can sit nearby at tables and sofas. It has created an exquisitely sociable and practical space, without having to knock down any walls.


There’s an Aga for winter then opposite, for summer, a combo microwave oven and induction top. A large veg prep sink means everything’s very contained. Because it’s their favourite room for socialising as well as relaxing, there’s a wine cooler and also a TV.



Lovely rich granite work surfaces lift the mood and complement the wood beams and flooring that continue right through to the orangery. The light painted maple cabinets and lovely chunky walnut handles provide additional warmth.



Centralising all prep areas including the sink in the island allows enjoyment of the view while working. Curved drawers with two seats on either side provide a nice socialising area as well as a lovely visual feature – very unique and characterful while anchored in practicality.

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Classic Bespoke Kitchen View
Bespoke Classic Country Kitchen
Bespoke Classic Country Kitchen