Handmade Kitchens

Whatever you envisage for the heart of your home, look no further than the Bath Kitchen Company.

I suppose it depends on how orderly you want life to be in the kitchen. A place for everything and everything in its place?

Even a storage solution for the sunday breakfast trays, which are annoyingly large to fit in all but the grandest of tall larders. And it is now becoming normal to mix the finishing on “Paint and wood go well together” bits of the kitchen with different materials. Paint and wood do go well together, and the wood should mellow beautifully as the years go by.

When you look back, you won’t even remember the kitchen you struggled heroically with for all those years.

A bespoke handmade kitchen means simply, what kind of kitchen do you want, and we will make it.

The kitchen Industry breaks down into two different sectors:

1). Units mass produced, in uniform sizes, held in a warehouse, and dispatched for fitting. These units were made over a (typically) three month period, and may have sat in an unheated warehouse during this period.

2). Units made to order, uniquely sized for the room, and delivered the day after being made.

No wonder the handmade market is that which is preferred by most people. The net result, after the fitting, is that the design looks like it fits the room properly, with a minimum of filler panels covering up the gaps in the runs. It’s like putting on a comfortable shoe!

Check out our Kitchen Design Gallery for some further Handmade Kitchen inspiration…

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